showplates-image-1Some hard-core car enthusiasts in the UK like to distinguish themselves from millions of their counterparts by having their cars outfitted with creatively designed plates, otherwise known as showplates. Although show plates are personalised plates, but they are not to be confused with personalised plates sold by the government, which can be used legally on the road. Below are things to look out for when buying show plates in UK.

Unlike any kind of number plates, with show plates, the car owner can be much more creative. Most great showplate sellers allow the owner to incorporate all the desired details into the plates. For instance, a buyer can choose their favourite font, slogan, border, and even incorporate desired badges before they buy number plates. Before the plates are created and sent to buyer, it is also a good idea to get a preview of what they will look like. The process ensures that the plates shipped look exactly as the owner expected. In this regard, it is better to find sellers that provide a template for designing the desired showplate.

Just because the show plate will not be used on the road, it does not mean they should not be made using high quality materials. Some showplate makers may use sub-par materials, which can considerably ruin the effect the buyer hoped to create by fitting the plate on his/her car. Consequently, even when buying number plates online, it is important to ensure that they consist of high quality material. The plates should also be scratch resistant, resistant to damage from exposure to the sun, and so on. It is also a good idea to have the plates incorporate the elements typically found on road legal plates such as compliance with reflection standards to give them a more authentic feel.


Buying show plates should be easier than purchasing any other kind of plates. Show plates have less limitations with regard to font use, number combinations, and so forth. Additionally, it is important to get high quality plates that are essentially as good as legal plates, since some sellers might not feel obliged to offer good quality showplates.