So when exactly do you get to the point where replacement number plates are your only option? If you thought that it was only when you felt like trying to be trendy in some way, then you are wrong. Instead, there are some legal issues involved here and understanding when they apply to you can save you getting into a lot of trouble.

You see, in the UK you must make sure that your showplates is clearly visible at all times. Anything that could potentially distort how it can be read is illegal and the police certainly do take a dim view of anybody that they believe is trying to outsmart them. Certain fonts are not allowed and neither are various effects that can be applied which makes the number plates harder to read when traveling at speed. Use any of these things and you will be hit with a fine and possibly even have your car taken off the road until the number plates have been replaced.

Another time where replacing your number plate is the only option is when it is broken in some way. If it is cracked, or if it has managed to fall off and you have it displayed in your windscreen, then it is entirely on your shoulders to get it replaced. Failure to do so will lead to you being stopped by any police officer that notices your vehicle and if you are lucky you will be given the chance to repair it without it costing you a fine.

In other words, the need for replacement number plates can occur depending on two main things either the original is broken or there has been some customisation, which might not always be a good thing. Just keep in mind the legal requirements here and remember that there is no point in trying to get around the law with your bank balance being hit as a result.