Registration plates

Are you looking for high-quality registration plates from a supplier that you can trust? If so, look no further than Show Plates Factory. At Show Plates Factory, we have been manufacturing and supplying registration plates for decades and can be counted on to deliver the excellence that you require and deserve. We can provide you with road-legal registration plates that are 100% compliant with DVLA regulations and won’t leave you falling foul of the law when you use them on the road.

Why buy replacement plates?

People buy replacement registration plates for many reasons. A great deal of our customers come to us when their plates have been damaged or when the number is no longer clearly visible. The risks of using registration plates that are past their best are substantial. Not only could you fail your MOT, but you can also face a fine up of up to £1,000 if your plates are not up to standard. Don’t take the risk – order your affordable, high-quality registration plates today.

No need to send documentation

When you order your registration plates from Show Plates Factory, you don’t need to send us any documentation including your V5C. This means you don’t have to worry about it being lost in the post and can avoid a considerable amount of stress. Our prices are up to 50% cheaper than what you’ll be charged by the main high street suppliers, yet you don’t have to make any compromises on quality, with your plates being manufactured from premium grade ABS and finished to the highest standards.

Making your plates compliant

Our online registration plate make takes the fuss out of designing compliant and road-legal registration plates. All you need to do to design compliant plates is select the road-legal option and this will remove all the others. We will also add a British Standards number to your plates, arrange your number in a road-legal format and include our details, which is a legal requirement. You can personalise your plates by choosing from various variations on the Charles Wright font, borders, flags and text options.

Why order a fitting kit

We do recommend that you opt for our fitting kit when you place your order. You will be offered this once you have finished designing your plates. The fitting kit takes the stress from affixing your plate to your vehicle and includes bolts, screws and super-strong sticky pads. We do not pre-drill holes into your plate. What’s more is that we can also help if you are buying registration plates from outside of the UK.

What is the purpose of registration plates?

Registration numbers and the plates they are added to were first introduced in the early 20th century, ensuring all the vehicles on the road could be identified and traced by the authorities. They serve a range of purposes and link vehicles to their owners, also providing vital evidence in the aftermath of motoring offences and accidents. A registration plate is essentially a passport for your vehicle.

Get in touch today

We communicate with our customers through e-mail as this simplifies the process and prevents mistakes from being made. Doing things this way makes us more efficient and allows us to keep our overheads low, which in turn means continuing to offer some of the most competitive prices for registration plates in the industry. Should you have any queries about our plates, you can get in touch with us at any point. To reach us today, simply send your message to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Why not order your registration plates today?