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Look no further than Show Plates Factory when you’re in need of personalised number plates. At Show Plates Factory, we have been manufacturing number plates of the highest calibre for many years and are able to help you save 50% on what you might be charged by the big high street names. More and more people are choosing us over the competition when they require personalised number plates, so read on to find out more about what makes Show Plates Factory the best option for bespoke plates.

Total customer satisfaction

At Show Plates Factory, we are only happy when you are totally satisfied with the service that you have received from us. We constantly invest in training and resources to remain at the forefront of the market and always listen closely to what our customers have to say so we can make our services better and better.

How to buy a private number

There are many great reasons for purchasing personalised number plates with your own specifically-chosen number. To get started with personalised number plates, you need to purchase a private number from the DVLA. Once you have got the right to use the number, you can purchase the accompanying plate or plates from us. People buy personalised number plates to make a powerful statement whilst out on the roads and often opt for words, names or phrases that carry tremendous personal meaning. You can add your own name or nickname to a plate, with many business owners including the names of their companies.

The purposes of private plates

Personalised numbers and plates are much more affordable than you might expect. What’s more is that they can grow in value over time, especially if you have opted for what ends up being a highly sought after registration number. They can keep the age of your vehicle a secret, make it easier to remember your number and can be an amazing gift for a loved one or a business associate.

The toughest materials

Once you have the right to use a private number, order your plate from us. The number plates that we produce are designed to last for many years before they need to be replaced and are manufactured from tough premium grade ABS. We use shatter, weather and crack-resistant acrylic to manufacture your plates. Over the years, we have received vast amounts of praise from our customers, who frequently compliment us on our exceptional manufacturing standards, our intuitive plate maker, low prices and outstanding customer service standards. You can contact us at any point if you do have any queries about our products or need to ask us anything before you go ahead and confirm your order. All the feedback on our site is completely genuine.

Will I be forced to buy two plates when I only need one?

You don’t need to buy both plates from us if you only require one. Maybe your front plate is in poor condition and the number is no longer visible but the rear is fine? This is no problem – just order a front plate without the rear. We use tough packaging to pack your plates, with our specialist team adding an exceptional finish to your plates before they are sent out to you.

Complying with DVLA regulations

When you order road-legal plates for day-to-day motoring, you need to comply with certain regulations. If you fail to do this and you are caught using them on the road, you will face tough penalties. Our online plate maker enables you to make road-legal plates that won’t leave you falling foul of the law. With one click of your mouse or touch of your screen, you can remove all the illegal options and leave only the approved design choices. Even when you’re designing road-legal plates, you still have a number of personalisation options available to you. These include a range of borders, text, flags and variations on the famous Charles Wright font. The plate maker will add a British Standards number and the name of our company to your plate. We are legally obliged to include our details on your plate.

What kind of things can’t I add to my personalised plate?

There are quite a few things you cannot add to a road-legal personalised plate. These are all to do with compliance and promoting visibility. Backgrounds including patterns, colours and shapes are forbidden as they can reduce the visibility of your number considerably. If your number isn’t clearly visible or if your existing plates are not in great condition, you could fail your MOT and could even be forced to pay a fine of up to £1,000. Don’t take the risk – get your plates replaced as soon as possible if they no longer meet the expectations of the DVLA.

Which fonts, flags and text can I add to a road-legal personalised plate?

You need to opt for the Charles Wright font when designing a road-legal plate. However, there are four versions of this to choose from. You can also add the following flags to the left side of your plate: Union Jack, Saint George, Welsh Dragon, Saint Andrew or Saltire. The permitted forms of text are ENG, SCO, WALES, GB, UK and CYM.

Does Show Plates Factory pre-drill holes into plates?

We do not pre-drill any holes into your plates before we send them out to you. The locations of holes designed for your plates can vary wildly from car-to-car, and many of our customers opt to stick their plates to their vehicles with pads rather than drill into them. The fitting kit that we offer you when you’re placing your order comes complete with pretty much everything you need to add your plates to your vehicle, including screws, bolts and sticky pads. The sticky-pads are incredibly adhesive, so make sure you are happy with their position before you proceed.

The most expensive plates in history

Many passionate motorists love to learn about the world’s most expensive private plates. The most expensive plate in history was snapped up by Abu Dhabi’s wealthy Abdul Ghaffar Khouri, who forked out £7.25 million for the registration number ‘1’, describing it as the best plate it was possible to have.

Ferrari dealer John Collins handed over £518,000 for the plate ‘25 O’ in 2014, whilst ‘F 1’ swapped hands for £440,000 in 2008. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich paid £285,000 for the number plate ‘VIP 1’ in 2006. The plate was first seen when Pope Jean Paul II visited Ireland way back in 1979. The DVLA says it has made more than £1.8 billion from selling private numbers during the past decades.

What are the purposes of number plates?

Number plates have been in use for well over a century in the UK. They were first introduced to improve public safety and ensure vehicles and their drivers could be tracked and traced by motorists, particularly after accidents and road-based offences. Your car registration links your vehicle to a central database, which features details like makes and models, your car’s colour, its engine size and your name and address. Without number plates, the DVLA and police wouldn’t be able to do their jobs anywhere near as efficiently as they do.

Your car registration number and plate can be seen as a passport for your vehicle. Most UK vehicles have rectangular plates, though some boast square ones. In most parts of the UK, the job of overseeing the number plate system is given to the DVLA or Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency. In Northern Ireland, the system is managed by the DVA or Driver & Vehicle Agency.

We manufacture all our plates to British Standards using premium grade ABS. We are incredibly passionate about quality and providing you with number plates that you can be proud of for many years. Another great reason for opting for our services is that you don’t need to send us any of your important paperwork to get your plates ordered and sent out to you. This means you don’t even need to hand over your V5C document, saving you the worry of it being lost in the post. In fact, you don’t even need to step out of your front door to get your plates ordered. Despite the savings that we offer, you never need to worry about your plates being manufactured to an inferior standard.

Your plates will be completely compliant with DVLA or DVA expectations. The small BS number found on the bottom right corner of your plate confirms that it has been made to British Standards.  Your plate will be fully reflective and feature the correct character spacing. It’s possible to opt for four variations on the Charles Wright font, and these are Standard, 3D, 3D Carbon and 3D Highline. Unlike some companies, we do not offer the illegal gel type raised text. This option could land you in hot water with the authorities and tends to disintegrate very quickly.

The benefits of sticky pads

Many Show Plates customers are wary of drilling into their plates. If you don’t have much or any experience in doing this, there’s a big chance you could damage your plate. This is why so many motorists opt to apply their plates to their vehicles with sticky pads. The pads that we supply as part of our fitting kits are incredibly reliable and won’t leave your plates falling off your vehicle. In fact, they are so sticky we advise you to ensure you are perfectly happy with the position of your plates and pads before you go ahead because rectifying errors can be very challenging. You are not obliged to opt for the fitting kit, but we strongly recommend that you do take us up on the offer as it can make fixing your plates to your car so much easier.

Where can I buy a private registration number?

We are unable to sell you a private registration number directly but we can add a number to your plates once you have bought one from the DVLA or DVA.

To purchase a private registration number before you go ahead and buy your plates, head to this website;

We can get started on adding your number to your plate once you have acquired the number and used our online plate maker. Many people come straight to us

once they have purchased a private number from the DVLA.

Why is Show Plates Factory an automated service?

We run an automated service for many reasons. Allowing you to design your plates online then simply order them makes things much easier for you and enables you to spend time getting the look just right before you proceed with your order. Listening to the various design options over the phone and then selecting them verbally would be incredibly impractical. When you use the online plate maker, the preview on your screen changes each time you make a change, so you can always see what your plates will look like in reality.

We communicate with our customers via e-mail as this is the most reliable and efficient option for all concerned. You can get in touch with us via e-mail at any point if you do have a query. We respond to all queries as soon as we can. Working via e-mail also allows us to keep our overheads, and therefore our prices, as low as possible.

Your delivery options

A number of delivery options are available to you when you order personalised number plates from Show Plates Factory. It’s possible to buy 9/18 copies of the same design at present. Should you wish to purchase numerous different designs, e-mail us before you confirm your order so we can give you your postage discount. Plates are normally dispatched through Recorded Delivery, though we are also able to offer Standard Tracked, Next Day and International Delivery.

Talk to Show Plates Factory

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