Adding a personalized number plate to your car is just one of many ways to make your car your own. However, it is important to remember that the majority of showplates will not be road legal, and that there are guidelines to follow should you wish to use your new number plate on the road.

If you are someone that takes your car to exhibitions or participates in off-road racing then you do not need to worry about the legal implications when you buy number plates, providing that you swap your show plates for road legal plates before you drive on public roads. You can have your plates say whatever you wish, in whatever colour you wish. This is particularly useful if you have a business you wish to promote, for example, and as such show pates are often used by car dealerships. However, if you don’t it is important to make sure that you remain within DVLA guidelines.

Road legal plates have very strict guidelines. They must be made from a reflective material and characters must always be black and of a standard font, although they can be 3D. There can be no background pattern and the front background must be white while the rear background must be yellow. This might seem like there isn’t much scope for creativity, but you can choose to add your national flag and initials should you wish, and this flag can be either the Union flag or the flag of your particular country.

If you attempt to drive on the road with a plate that is not legal, you can face serious repercussions, namely a £1000 fine! In addition, show plates rather than road legal number places can lead to an MOT failure, so it is vital that you make sure you have the right plates for the right situation.