Custom Number Plates

Are you looking for high-quality custom number plates from a market-leading manufacturer? If so, Show Plates Factory is for you. At Show Plates Factory, we are never happy until you are completely satisfied with the custom number plates that we have manufactured and supplied to you and we are always investing the latest technology in order to remain at the forefront of the market. Read on to find out more about what makes Show Plates the finest choice for custom number plates.

Fully compliant plates

We are able to provide you with fully-compliant number plates that comply fully with the expectations of the DVLA. Our online plate maker can take all the other options away to leave only the road-legal options and help you design plates that you can add to your vehicle and keep the authorities happy in the process. The on-screen preview will be updated with each change you make, so you can always see what your plates will look like once they have been manufactured.

Save up to 50% on number plates

One great reason for choosing us is that we can help you save as much as 50% on what you might be charged for number plates elsewhere. We run an automated service and deal with our customers via e-mail, which makes us more efficient and removes the margin for error. As long as you order your plates before 3pm on a weekday, we can get your plates to you the very next day.

Why do we need registration number plates?

The reason number plates and registration numbers exist is so vehicles and their drivers can be tracked by the authorities. Without the number plate system, the roads of Britain would be virtually lawless and chaotic. Registration numbers mean people can be held to account in the aftermath of accidents or motoring offences. Your number and plates link you and your vehicle to a central database. If your plates aren’t in the best condition, are damaged or your number is not clearly visible, your car could fail its MOT and you could be fined up to £1,000.

Outstanding build quality

We manufacture your number plates from premium grade ABS and use our specialist techniques to create an outstanding finish. Our number plate maker allows you to personalise your plates whilst complying with rules on text, borders, flags, fonts, colours and spacing. Although we are unable to sell you a private registration number, we can add your private number to a plate once you have been given the right to use it by the DVLA. We also add a BS number to your plate to show that it has been made to British Standards.

Our fitting kits

It’s incredibly wise to opt for our fitting kit when you put your order through. This kit comes complete with sticky pads, screws and bolts and gives you a greater level of freedom. We do not pre-drill holes into your plates as the holes for plates are rarely in exactly the same place. You can also avoid damaging your plate by using sticky pads instead of drilling into them.

Getting in touch with Show Plates Factory

We are confident we can supply you with the robust, reliable and long-lasting custom number plates that you are looking for. You don’t need to break the bank to get your hands on outstanding number plates that will serve you well for years to come before they need to be replaced. To get in touch with us today, simply send a message to Why not start designing your plates right now?