Cheap show plates

Don’t spend more on show plates than you need to – get your cheap show plates right here. At Show Plates Factory, we are one of the few companies on the market to offer affordable show plates made from premium grade ABS. There’s no need to make compromises on quality when you source your show plates from us. Read on to learn more about why so many people are opting for our products when they need cheap show plates.

Decades of experience

We have been creating show plates for decades and can provide you with plates for all sorts of events, occasions and requirements. Show plates can be used for an array of purposes and are frequently seen on classic cars, at exhibitions, trade shows, weddings, parties and more, with many of our customers fixing them to the walls of their homes and offices. We supply plates not only to UK customers but to customers across the world and have become one of the leading players in our field over the decades.

No DVLA restrictions

When you design and order show plates from us, you are not restricted by DVLA rules. This is because you won’t be using your plates on the road. There are all sorts of options available to you in terms of colours, backgrounds, fonts, text, flags, spacing and more. You can also save up to 50% on show plates when you buy from us rather than most high street suppliers. You don’t even need to leave your home to design and order your plates, which frees up your valuable spare time. We can despatch your plates to you on the same day as you order them as long as the order is placed before 3pm on a weekday.

Why choose Show Plates Factory?

There are many great reasons for choosing Show Plates Factory when you need cheap show plates. We are only happy when you are completely satisfied with the end result, and we invite you to drop us an e-mail at any point if you ever require help or advice. The feedback on our site is completely genuine, and we are regularly given glowing feedback for our website and its facilities such as the online plate maker, low prices and high customer service standards. Our show plates are often added to classic models from prestigious manufacturers like Land Rover, BMW, Jaguar and Ford. Plates manufactured by Show Plates Factory are a common sight at high-profile motoring events.

Our fitting kit

Not everyone has the same requirements when it comes to fitting their plates to their vehicles. Some customers like to screw their plates to the vehicles, whilst others prefer to apply them with sticky pads. We strongly recommend that you opt for our fitting kit when you do place your order. The fitting kits come with a range of bolts, screws and super-strong stick-on pads to give you greater freedom. You will be offered the fitting kit once you have designed your plates. We do not pre-drill holes into your plates before we send them out to you. This helps us avoid restricting your fitting options.

Getting in touch

Talk to us today if you do have a query about our cheap show plates or wish to find out more before you go ahead and place your order. Why not send your message to today if you do have a query? Communicating with you online removes the margin for error and allows us to keep our overheads and prices low. Order your long-lasting, great-looking, high-quality cheap show plates from Show Plates Factory today.