Who we are


Show Plates Factory– Number 1 for license plates and showplates

We understand there’s plenty of choice when purchasing new license plates – and for this reason have developed exceptional production systems that meet the demands of our customers. We source the best materials, our technicians have very thorough training, and have excellent quality control systems in place.

With over two decades experience and great quality product, we are the most respected supplier of number plates within the UK.

High Quality

Our showplates or number plate have exceptional build quality, using the latest manufacturing equipment. When an order comes through we get to work producing the best quality plates in the market. Unlike other suppliers, our plates are stronger, higher resolution and more resistant to impact. Our plates come with a unrepresented 5 year guarantee, showing the confidence we have in our product.

No Docs Required

You don’t need to provide us with any documents to make your number plate. Order conveniently online and avoid the hassle of trekking to a bricks and mortar store and paying higher prices.